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Sophisticated Asset Tracking Systems

We supply an extensive range of cutting-edge tracking and telematic devices together with a fully integrated cloud-based software application that will suit any environment.

All telematic devices offered by NSaaS are ready-made for a range of industries and sectors, from fleet to nautical, refrigeration, static assets, agriculture and beyond.


Superior GPS Speed Limiters

Our GPS Speed Limiter continuously monitors the true GPS over ground speed of the vehicle (every 0-5 second) and compares it with the pre-programmed limit thresholds.

In the event of the vehicle moving with a speed greater than the programmed limit threshold, the device will trigger its output condition. The output can be connected to a cut-off relay, pedal interface or other third party devices.

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Effective Driver Fatigue Solutions

Our Fatigue Driving Sensor is able to recognize when the driver begins to show the first signs of fatigue at the wheel.

The high definition infrared camera in the device, recognizes the driver’s face and detects micro eye closures, indicating that sleep is beginning to take effect. The sensor works perfectly in darkness and recognizes the eyes through dark glasses.

Driver Fatigue can be caused by: Driving long distances without stops, driving at night or at times when your body wants to sleep.


Advanced Driver Awareness Systems

Our ADAS Advanced Driver Assistance System provides pro-active warnings on the following conditions:-

  • FCW – Forward Collision Warning
  • LDW – Lane Deviation/Departure
  • Warning
  • FPW – Forward Proximity Warning
  • FVMA – Forward Vehicle Moving Alert
  • HBA – High Beam Assist System
  • MODS – Moving Object Detection System
  • PDW – Pedestrian Detection Warning
  • SDA – Safety Distance Alert
  • SSL – Set Speed Limit Alert
N Trans Kraft Products



Commercial Grade Camera Telematics

Our windscreen mounted commercial grade DashCam with real time data connectivity and live streaming onto mobile display output. 2 or 3 camera inputs allow for forward facing, internal facing and rear end camera positioning.

Secure anti tamper brackets ensure compliance with no fiddling. Full online driver analytics cloud platform analyses all the received data allowing you to monitor and print reports at your convenience.


Drink Driving Breathalyzer Solution


Our Ignition Interlock products are breath alcohol analyzers that keep drivers with DWIs / DUIs from operating vehicles if their breath alcohol level is over a pre-set level.

They are small electronic handheld devices – wired into the vehicle ignition system and prevent the vehicle from being started when the driver is over the limit.