Using Transportation Kraft  to track and manage moving vehicles like buses or delivery trucks, android app captures the location of vehicles and stores it in a Firebase Real time Database. A map is built with the support of Google Maps and it provides real time visibility of vehicles, routes, schedules and cost associated to deliveries.

Transportation Kraft has currently signed-up with 12 GPS providers across the globe.


Transportation kraft is an Android application which helps logistics divisions of different industries to manage the transport of goods & passengers and track the movement of vehicles on road. It provides track and trace delivery solutions with 24 x 7 online dashboard providing the complete control and visibility of any shipment movement across worldwide along with offline and online GEO Tracking & timestamps of the users.

Transpotation Kraft takes care of:

  • Login

  • Dashboard

  • Live GPS Tracking

  • Manage Bills

  • Monitor Current Location

  • Notifications to Agencies

  • Manage Trip Details

  • Metrics Generation

  • Alerts

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